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Over the course of the last 4 days, donation links started getting circulated. While certain links were successful, and perhaps thanks to non-Lebanese, those in the diaspora have been finding it increasingly difficult to trust any channels in which money is received and handled. The following compilation serves to inform on NGO’s or initiatives that have been contacted and hold true to where people’s donations are going. 

Trustworthy Initiatives with Direct Donation Links

  1. Impact Lebanon 

    An initiative incubator has dedicated a disaster relief fund in which money raised will be distributed amongst NGOs who qualify. For transparency purposes a list of which NGOs have been donated to is constantly being updated. 

    The incubator has successfully managed to reach its fundraiser target but is still accepting donations.
  2. Lebanese Red Cross

    The Lebanese Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that offers medical purposes. It is on the frontlines of the relief efforts for the explosion and functions mainly through volunteer efforts. Download the app to donate swiftly. 
  3. Achrafieh 2020 

    With a target to restore 700 houses, Achrafieh 2020 is a Lebanese NGO that has enabled donations in order to provide windows with their installments to affected homes. So far they have been able to install windows and restore 43 houses in the course of three days. 
  4. Baytna Baytak 

    Baytna Baytak has been successfully raising money to help fund accommodations of those who lost their homes post-explosion through Impact Lebanon 

    They are now raising funds with the intention of immediately building temporary shelters for the affected.
  5. Food Blessed 

    Food blessed focus on food box distribution to affected families and individuals.

    To donate online, this is their GoFundMe link.
    To make in-person donations, head to their Head Office at the following address:
    Garden Center, 3rd FL. Office 312. El Rachidine Street. Next to Mufti Hassan Khaled Park, Tallet El Khayat. Beirut, LEBANON. Tel: +961 70 159 337 / +961 1 800 446

    To make more direct donations, consider doing it through bank transfer at:
    BBAC S.A.L. (Bank of Beirut and the Arab Countries)
    Account Name: ORG FoodBlessed

    For your US $ donations :
    LB11 00280000 0000 0045 7757 8010

    For your LBP donations :
    LB60 00280000 0000 0045 7757 8001
  6. Children’s Cancer Center 

    Lebanon’s CCC, known to rely on donations, and for providing free healthcare to children with cancer, has set-up a rescue fund.  Donations are directly going to help treat one in the 300 patients they plan on treating this 2020. 
  7. Saint George Hospital 

    The Saint George Hospital has been completely destroyed. Donations are now being raised to serve in the hospital’s much needed reconstruction, along with the option of donating to fund its medical staff Covid kits. 
  8. Live Love Lebanon

    Live Love Lebanon has taken to collect money with a forward thinking approach in which they plan to use it in hiring developers to build and run an online “voluntourism” platform as stated on their website. 

Virtual Medicare 

For those affected, certain platforms have offered their virtual services. 

At-Home-Doc is extending its support and solidarity to the affected people of Lebanon by offering free video consultation services with practitioners. 

Doctors for Lebanon is offering a similar initiative by organizing and answering non-emergent medical questions.

Another local initiative has been launched by psychologists who are offering to help anyone whose mental health has been affected. Contact these numbers if you are in need:

  • Yorgo Younes +961 76 463 921
  • Christina Khoury +961 3 032 746
  • Myriam Younes +961 79 108 154
  • Nadine Ghanimeh +961 3 538 090

Civil Initiatives 

  1. Frontline Engineers 

    A group of people have taken to organize volunteers of engineers, to help rebuild Lebanon. Any engineer or specialized person can jot their names down on the online excel sheet. A website will then be launched as an international platform  incorporating all information on the goal, mission of the platform, a fundraising method, schedule of works news, and forms for volunteers to join. 
  1. DSC Lebanon

    With numerous people still injured, blood donations can be donated through DSC Lebanon
    Check in with them to before donating to know which hospitals are most in need.
  1. Ajialouna

    Ajialouna are focusing on cleaning up rubble in the affected areas and will soon launch an initiative to support specific reconstruction efforts. They are also supporting displaced families and individuals in finding housing.

    To donate internationally, visit their website. To donate locally, contact Farah, the volunteer coordinator, at +961 3 068 547 for the donation of goods and funds.

    To volunteer on ground, reach out to Farah as well and offer your services. 
  1. Food Blessed

    Donations for Food Blessed were discussed in the first section.

    To volunteer, reach out to Nour, the volunteer coordinator at +961 76 648 719 and state your availability. 
    You can also sign up at this link

    For donations of foods and goods, also contact Nour to coordinate. 

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